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How To Really Sell Final Expense Insurance

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Final Expense Insurance is a great product and can truly be a great boost to your business. For those considering on getting into the Final Expense Insurance Sales Market, you are going to truly want to know what it takes to really sell. These days I’ve recently been studying the habits of the Industries Top Final Expense Insurance Agents and what I’ve discovered truly makes a difference in how I now do everything.

What Most of Us Believe About Final Expense Insurance Sales

The truth is, what most of us believe about Final Expense Insurance Sales and the agents that successfully sell this type of Insurance is far from what I’ve recently witnessed. The idea of someone sitting in a cubicle dialing from the early morning till far beyond the end of the day, sitting, stressing, calling endlessly to set appointments is often what we imaging isn’t it?

You know, the type of person who truly believes that the ‘harder’ I work, the ‘more’ success is going to come my way.

final expense insurance sales

I too once fell into this trap with the belief, “if I wanted more…I had better work more,” but that is just a fallacy we’ve been taught to follow since we entered our early education. The old motto, “HARD WORK, Equals Success,” has all of us grinding away behind a wall of stress that is never too far away from our every moment.

If you want a ‘traditional life’ that allows you to work from 9-5, then I’d suggest you continue to follow this very model. Why would you want to get out of your comfort zone and try something different anyways? You can truly change your life when you start selling Insurance.

Final Expense Insurance Sales with Sanity

When you are just getting into Final Expense Insurance Sales you are going to want to follow most of those teaching you how ‘they’ do things. The thing you want to stop and ask yourself is, “Are they doing things the BEST way?” It’s a question that can define your results in a long career because you want to make sure you are following the routine of those who are ‘leaders’ in the industry…not just ‘in’ the industry.

I’ve taken this concept into everything I’ve done this far when it comes to selling Final Expense Insurance because I truly wanted to know who the best, brightest, and most importantly…most consistent when it came to making great results in this industry.

What I thought I was going to find when I sought out the top producers of this type of insurance truly was what I talked about earlier. I really believed I’d find someone dead set on calling from morning to night churning through the phone as if it was their epic calling. Instead, what I discovered is something I truly believe has made, and will continue to make, a large impact on my career as a producer.

  • 99% of Final Expense Sales Is Mindset – I don’t want you to blow this off as some type of Napoleon Hill philosophic idea because it truly is what makes everything else happen. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to spend the past several days with one of the Industries Top Producers and shadow them in their weekly routine. What I witnessed was a cross between execution in skill as well as execution in full peace. My mentor woke each morning without alarm, flicked on the coffee, and while it perked, he read comfortably things such as Think and Grow Rich, As A Man Thinketh, The Winning Attitude, and other books of that nature. He explained to me that it’s what we feed our minds each morning that impacts how we are to perform later in the day. We spend the majority of the day exercising, eating healthy, and listening to positive music while making our calls at 3 unique times of the day. The entire time, again, we spoke about the fact that being in the right state of mind would make all the difference.
  • Pace Yourself For Longevity – It’s easy for us to get overly ambitious and want to dial that extra hour, work that extra day, and put in the extra time, but don’t. If you are looking to maintain a long term career that is both rewarding in financial gain as well as rewarding in lifestyle, you’ve got to be good to yourself along the way. Speaking with my mentor during the week about Final Expense Insurance Sales, he made point that his schedule is focused into 3 primary days with a 4th day for overflow if he should be overly booked for any reason. Contrary to what I would have first initially thought. I was in the frame of mind that working 5-6 days was how sales of anything had to be done and the 7th day if I really wanted to ramp things up. Problem is, how long could I keep that type of schedule up before it impacted my life as well as my family? Not long right?
  • Follow Your Plan and Stick To It – What surprised me when I was working with one of the Industries Top Producers was watching how everything was ‘relaxed’ clockwork. If we had on our schedule to call within a certain set time of the day, we did exactly that and nothing more or less. When those times rolled around, we prepared by closing out all distractions, sitting comfortably, and dedicated FULLY our time and efforts for the short time period we had scheduled. He explained to me that it’s about habit and part of the success we have while selling Final Expense Insurance is truly just keeping at our habits of success. These little steps allow us to build our business comfortably one day at a time with a schedule that is fitting our lifestyles as well as our lives. Once we begin to veer off this path we start telling ourselves that our time is no longer important and our production begins to suffer for that very same reason.

 A Few Interesting Facts About Final Expense Insurance

There are a few interesting facts about Final Expense Insurance that you should know when you are thinking about getting out there in the field for the first time. I’ve always thought that when you truly knew information about a product and service that it gave you true confidence to talk, discuss, and sell such a product.

final expense insurance

Now to some of you, this information may or may not be important, but like I said, information about what you are selling gives you ‘and’ your clients a great confidence in what you are selling and what they are buying.

As with everything in our lives, knowledge that allows us to grow forward is never bad knowledge. Knowledge that allows you to start selling Final Expense Insurance is always going to be a great type of knowledge for any truly dedicated and successful agent promoting this type of insurance.

If all this is new to you as you are someone who’s truly just getting started selling Insurance, fee free to contact us directly. We’d love to work with you and help you truly become successful selling Final Expense Insurance.

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      J. Corey


      There are a lot of great places to begin, such as the Forums here at We’ve recently begun adding this feature to our site because we believe that there truly is nothing more powerful to help others grow than to offer peer to peer advice from those directly in the field.

  1. Carolyn Vance

    I’ve never sold final expense insurance, but after I lost my Mother I realize just how monumentally important it is to one’s family. I feel the need, the responsibility to share this with other families. The company I presently work for does not even offer it and I must look elsewhere for this product. Which companies do you write with and do you mentor new agents? I’ve been in the business for 15 years; was a teacher many years before that; and am seeking this new opportunity. What do you have available in Florida?

    1. Post
      J. Corey


      I’m sorry to hear about your Mother’s passing. I can’t imagine how that must be. I do believe in Final Expense Insurance as well because I’ve seen the positive impact it truly has in peoples lives during a very difficult time for families. Were you able to find a product for Florida that you enjoy yet? If not, please let me know and I believe I can point you in a few quality directions.

  2. Brian

    Thank you for your advice. I find your comments on attitude, mind set and pacing yourself most interesting. I am a licensed agent who sells some final expense but I am considering doing more. It is an “easy sell”, you make your own hours, control your own destiny, and work for yourself. What more could you want?

    1. Post
      J. Corey


      You are absolutely right. Final Expense Insurance is quite unique in the ‘ease’ factor, but don’t limit yourself to just one type of product. Always nice to have other tools to lean on for flexibility as well.

  3. chris

    J. I am new in the final expense field but not the industry itself. Where can I contact you for more information and advice/

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      J. Corey


      You can contact me via the contact page of the site here if you’d like to private message about anything. Sorry for the delays as we’ve been updating our site to better meet the needs of our members.

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