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Selling Life Insurance

Want to start selling Life Insurance, yet need to make some ‘real’ money in doing so? The Life Insurance Industry is full of people who’ve dropped out because they simply could not make a living in Life Insurance Sales. In fact, the latest numbers are about 94% failure rate for new Life Insurance Agents. With those kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder there are so many people that claim that selling Life Insurance is just WAY too difficult.

There are a few things that I’m always reminding new Life Insurance Producers about when it comes to selling Insurance. This is not a ‘quick’ fix business. You know, one of those types of markets you can get into and within your very 1st day already be making a great income. This is a business that takes a very focused effort because it truly is a very competitive marketplace.

Focus: The Difference Between a living and a hobby Selling Life Insurance

Making a living selling Life Insurance takes quite a bit of focus and dedication. Now, notice I did not say ‘hard’ work. Instead, I said ‘focus’ and ‘dedication’ which are the two primary things that really make a difference in this business. When I was young I had a burning desire to make a great living. I wasn’t seeking the traditional 9-5 lifestyle because I’ve never seen that as something I’d describe as a ‘Great Living’, but something more like a simple living. I wanted more from my life that a boss or company could give me with their plans for me.

With that, I took a long look into many businesses and actually started quite a few eventually finding my way into the Insurance Industry. The two things that struck me right away was the difference between those making a ‘Great Income’ vs. those making a regular income. There was very little to do with hard work and everything to do with simply focusing on one thing and doing that one thing amazingly well.

With this, I looked deeper and asked myself 2 questions that I believe still drive me today.

1. Do I Enjoy Working With People?  If this question is a Yes for you, then you’ve got most of the tools that are necessary to make a great living in selling life Insurance.

2. Am I able to Focus Daily For The LONG TERM? I say this because I’ve made success a study of mine and from what I noticed studying this industry, the people that make it are those that are able to focus. You’d imagine the High Achievers the one’s making more calls, setting more appointments, putting in more hours, stressed, overworked…but this is further from the truth than you can imagine.

The difference between a living and a hobby is that a living is something we are ‘always’ doing. A hobby is something we are doing once in a while. You may want to write that down because it makes a significant difference in what you’ll be doing in your life.

The people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with, who’ve mentored me, have always been the types to focus on the living aspect of their lives. That means creating their own routine that they can fine tune weekly, daily, yearly, while all the while advancing their lives. I’ve always believed this was the main difference between employees and Entrepreneurs to every degree. Successful people fine tune their own lives all the time with a lifestyle that they are creating.

How Focus Helps Leverage Selling Life Insurance : 2 Day Workweek with Full Time Income

I’m about to share one of the most important lessons of your Insurance Career with you and it doesn’t matter if you are new or a veteran to the industry, this holds true. Working more hours does not increase your sales. In fact, I’ve noticed a great reversal of this where the people I’ve interviewed that tend to work shorter more focused hours tend to make the majority of the money in selling Life Insurance.

These unique individuals tend to repeat the same mantra, “Focus your efforts…and give 100% to that focused time.” If you are like me, when I first began interviewing these people I was under the impression that they were trying to keep me out of the industry to limit the competition in the marketplace. What I soon learned is that they don’t even have competition.

These top earners are so focused that they typically have a routine that is predictable from the moment they wake up to the time they go to bed 7 days a week. Now, this isn’t 7 working days per week, but just scheduled time where every action has a purpose. They tend to set 16-20 appointments 2 days a week and sell those days only, while the rest are focused on their mindset.

Individually, each top producer has told me that it’s their mindset that makes the sales rather than the hours. They’ve each explained to me that the time we put in before the sales and after the sales, into ourselves, is that makes the sales.

What are you doing with your non sales time right now? Watching T.V, reading the news, focusing on things that cause you to stress? Well, did you know the top producers selling Life Insurance spend ALL of their non selling time on Self Improvement reading, studying, physical exercise, eating healthy, and whatever else they can do to increase themselves as a person. They all say this is the most important part of their business and it’s obvious that it makes a difference.

Selling Life Insurance Like The Pros

If you are going to be selling Life Insurance like the Pros you are going to want to start focusing on you before you focus on anything else. You have to understand that Life Insurance is simply a product, but you are the distribution center for that product. How tuned up is your distribution center at the moment? If you are thinking, “I don’t need to tune anything up…I’m at my best already,” then you are doomed to fail. The truth is, those that are at the top of their game in any industry are always practicing to be better.

Think of yourself like a top athlete. How many NFL, NBA, or other top sporting athletes get to the top…then quite practicing? If you are trying to think about someone, I’ll save you a lot of time and just tell you that nobody exists like that. Selling Life Insurance is a Top Performance business and it should be treated as such.

You can enhance yourself with reading, fitness, and many ways, but once you recognize that you are an athlete in Selling Life Insurance, your mindset is soon to change for the better. If you are constantly sitting all day, eating poor foods and watching endless hours of T.V., then you are never going to truly reach the top in this business or any other.

Selling Life Insurance today takes a lot of passion, but we are always here to help you get started, get selling, and get making real money Selling Life Insurance.

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    I’m rajan, i am unit manager, currently I m facing more financials problem, over debs , how to solved the problem please advice

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      There are a lot of ways to successfully handle debt balances incurred by agents these days. The best way to handle those is to truly monitor your agents and their book of business. It’s been my experience that the more advance money you allow for agents in production, the more you open them up to doing business that may not be in the clients best interest.

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